DAWA in 2020 carried out a project titled Leading in the New Decade Leadership for and by AGYW for comprehensive HIV prevention and SRHR integration. Powered and led by adolescent girls and young women (15-30) from the African continent who want to be meaningfully involved in making real, lasting change for women and girls. It uses social media-Whatsapp, twitter, face to face dialogues and innovative platforms to reach and engage girls and young women in all our diversity.  The project operates through the engagement of an expansive network of [primarily] adolescent girls and young women and women led organizations and individuals working to advance women’s rights and health, to identify and communicate key advocacy opportunities.

DAWA’s vision in this program was to  continue to grow a diverse group of connected advocates at national and regional level; leading consultative process with provincial and country focal points, supporting identification of country and regional specific priorities for girls and young women and linking to the global advocacy spaces, amplifying SRHR and HIV advocacy across social media and providing peer to peer knowledge exchange on HIV, SRHR, gender equity and rights-based approaches inform a development of an HIV prevention advocacy brief and a mobile application called Girls Health Corner

For the duration of the project a total of 236 AGYW in their diversity were reached through community based dialogues on SRHR and HIV prevention unpacking challenges and creating solutions from 14 selected districts.

POST the program DAWA has made strides to keep the movement building and mentorship through:

  • Maintenance of the 36 AGYW that were trained as mentors, and there has been shared partnership as they get to lead discussions and suggest activities to be done for commemoration days and what to post on social media.
  • 108 sessions which were conducted and maintained via Whatsapp to reach 510 girls and young women in their diversity from 10 countries across the African region.
  • A delegation of 3 girls and young women joined the International HIV and Adolescence workshop for 2020.
  • A summit on Youth SDG Unite 2030 was attended by 12 DAWA mentors from the first training.
  • Referrals for other services have begun as DAWA mentors have been able to link girls and young women to services including counselling , access to contraceptives
  • DAWA appointed Tendai Kunyelesa who is co-founder of DAWA to be part of the management team as the Advocacy and Networking coordinator for shared leadership across board
  • International women’s day commemorations were done. Pictures were shared on social media with different messages responding to the #Ichoosetochallenge.