• What is GBV

Gender based violence is any harmful act that is perpetuated against a person’s will and that it is based on socially ascribed gender differences between males and females. Acts of GBV are based on gender, that is, the socially construed roles, responsibilities, rights and privileges of males and females in any community.

It involves the use of force which includes threats, coercion and abuse thus it is a violation of basic human rights.

GBV is the abuse of some type of power over another person and all forms of GBV are harmful to individuals, families and communities.

Approximately 15 million adolescent girls have been exposed and survivors of some form of GBV.

Gender- refers to the social differences between males and females in society as these are learned behaviours e.g. traditionally men earn a living by seeking employment whereas women are home keepers and child bearers.

It determines the roles, responsibilities, opportunities, expectations and limitations for males and females in any culture.

Sex- it is the biological or physiological makeup i.e. male or female.

Violence- the use of physical force to control a person or other people as it includes physical, emotional, social or economic abuse.

Categories of GBV                                          

  1. Sexual abuse
  2. Physical abuse
  3. Emotional and psychological abuse
  4. Economic and social abuse

      Forms of GBV

  1. Child marriages
  2. Female genital mutilation
  3. Honour killings
  4. Human trafficking for sex or slavery
  5. Intimate partner violence

Online or digital violence

Online or digital violence against women refers to any act of violence that is committed, assisted or aggravated by the use of information and communication technology (mobile phones, the Internet, social media, computer games, text messaging, email, etc) against a woman because she is a woman.

Online violence can include the following.


Cyberbullying involves the sending of intimidating or threatening messages.

Non-consensual sexting

Non-consensual sexting involves the sending of explicit messages or photos without the recipient’s consent.

  • Get Help
  • Seek the assistance of Authorities i.e. Police Services in your jurisdiction/area as GBV is a serious crime
  • Check into a local clinic or hospital if there you have sustained serious injuries
  • In  University, College or School set up, seek the assistance of relevant authorities
  • Why you should report

To seek protection from the law against a perpetrator of GBV.

It is your right to report the violation of your basic human rights.

To seek justice for yourself and others if necessary in the courts of law.

To raise awareness on the serious damages or negative effects of GBV, ultimately standing up for your right against any form of abuse.

  • There is no excuse for abuse

A society free from GBV is prosperous and fosters sustainable development.

Men and women are equal therefore, GBV goes against the principle of gender equality

Abuse is unnecessary as it causes post-traumatic dress disorders and leads to suicide of some survivors as they are affected physically and mentally.

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