DAWA is working with girls and young women in Zimbabwe and in the region to promote meaningful girl and young women participation in SRHR spaces, and improving access to SRHR and HIV services.

GOSH is a Talk Show, whose mandate is to venture into untapped territories to interrogate and unpack the culture of silence that is enshrined in religion, culture and tradition, Child sexual exploitation, Rape, Sexual  violence, Domestic violence, Access to education, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, Poverty, Human trafficking, Gender-based violence, Child labor, Political Participation, Paedophilia, Child marriages, Female genital mutilation, Levirate marriages, delayed access to justice and abuse in its various forms.

Young women and girls living with HIV are more vulnerable to SGBV and due to unequal gender power relations within their relationships with intimate partners, they are often unable to exercise their SRHR

SRHR service provision is critical for young peoples well-being to avoid unintended pregnancies, STI infections and above all, reduce HIV infections. Although this remains in principle, barriers are still in existence especially for girls limiting their access information, service and  safe spaces to air their concerns and propose solutions moreso during this COVID 19 induced lockdown period.