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Development Agenda For Girls and Women In Africa Network (DAWA) is an indigenous young women founded and led network in Africa. DAWA is a resource hub for adolescent girls and young women to access information and technical support to create movements and engage in community mobilisation and advocacy. Our approach is integrated, addressing gender equality, poverty eradication , education and health because these are central to enabling women and girls and young women to have autonomy over their lives.


To achieve a future where girls and young women have control over the resources they need to fulfil their rights and the power to use them to transform their lives.


To become a leading indigenous network in Africa that enables African girls and young women in their diversity to create community movements, organize and act to improve our agency and autonomy and meaningfully participate in decision making processes over our lives ,our health and overall development


  • To build the capacity of adolescent girls and young women to lead social action campaigns and projects at community, national and regional level and global levels;
  • To advance an integrated approach to education, gender equality,  economic justice, and overall health and well-being linking communities to global platforms and vice-versa;
  • To facilitate adolescent girls and young women’s access to resources and technical capacity that can enable them to organise community movements


1.       Equality

2.       Integrity

3.       Innovation

4.       Collaboration